Economic Impact of Travel

The following documents are taken from the report Economic Impact of Travel on Tennessee Counties, 2014 and offer a snapshot of tourism’s impact on each county.

The snapshots report not only the direct tourism dollars in each county, but also the number of jobs generated, the amount of payroll produced, the effect on state and local tax revenues as well as the effect on local households.

Cheatham County
Montgomery County
Trousdale County
Davidson County
Robertson County
Williamson County
Dickson County
Rutherford County
Wilson County
Houston County
Stewart County
Humphreys County
Sumner County
All 13 Counties in one file
The table below reports 2014 Travel Expenditures for the MTTC counties and how those expenditures changed from 2013 to 2014.

MTTC Travel Expenditures 2014, by County.