Historic Site: George Peabody College for Teachers

The University of Nashville was the first college to receive aid from the Peabody Fund, which had been established in 1867 by philanthropist George Peabody to help rebuild the South’s educational system. In 1875, the university began to function as a state normal school; after 1889, it was known as Peabody Normal College and in 1909 incorporated as the George Peabody College for Teachers. Peabody College moved to its present location in 1914 and became part of Vanderbilt University in 1979.

Peabody College became a renowned educational institution with many notable alumni, and its 50-acre campus was named a National Historic Landmark on December 21, 1965. The classical revival building was constructed in 1875. Peabody’s campus models Jeffersonian architecture, with a grassy mall that leads to the domed Wyatt Center.

For more information visit the Peabody College of Education website.

Historic Peabody College